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See Our Green Eco-Friendly Wash Truck in Action

Our state-of-the-art trucks are self-contained and emit no contaminants into storm drains.

Our system is tough on filthy grime but gentle on the environment. Our green eco-friendly wash trucks help reduce Urban Run-off into our rivers and ocean!

The Canology Crew comes to your neighborhood once a month and will clean sanitize and deodorize your trash cans at your curbside, the day after your trash is collected.

We have trash can cleaning down to a science!

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Order Service
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Our trucks hydraulic lift safely picks up your trash cans and places them over the self contained wash bay.

Garbage Can Cleaning Service - Canology

Once the can is in place the aqua blaster jet heads scour the inside of each can with extremely hot high pressure water that rids the ick from your cans. All waste water is collected and filtered within the washing unit.

Scraping - Trash Can Cleaning Service San Leandro - Canology

All cans are hand detailed. We then apply deodorizer and Virucide.  We leave your trash cans looking new and smelling fresh and clean.

Trash Can - Canology

We finish the process by applying a “Cleaned, Sanitized & Deodorized” sticker on your trash can. We have this down to a science!

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  • Trash cans are cleaned, sanitized and deodorized right at the curbside.
  • Up to three trash bins are lifted at one time into the washing position by a hydraulic lift.
  • Each bin is lowered over a high velocity wash head. The inside of the bin is blasted with  hot water containing a biodegradable cleansing and sanitizing agent.
  • During the cleaning process, the operator uses a hand held high pressure washer to clean the exterior and the lid.
  • The bin is then lowered, hand detailed, and deodorized with a long acting fresh lemon fragrance.
  • All waste water is collected and filtered within the washing unit.
  • Canology’s trash can cleaning cycle consumes a very small amount of water to thoroughly clean & sanitize each trash container opposed to the average 27 gallons you would ultimately waste cleaning just one trash container.
  • We will use less water in 2 years cleaning your cans each month than you would use cleaning your trash cans just one time.
  • When you try to clean your own containers, there is always the problem – where should you dump the wash water to prevent the cleaning agents, bacteria and debris  from entering the storm drains. This is not a problem with our service as the process we use is fully self-contained and no contaminated water from the inside of your cans enters the storm drains.
  • The water that Canology uses is later processed and reclaimed. Our service is tough on your trash can but gentle on the environment.
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Trash Can Cleaning Service by Canology